The Art of Looking at Ourselves with Iwan Brioc, 5-7 Oct


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We are very happy to welcome Iwan Brioc in Iași for a special event.

Iwan Brioc is director of research and practice at The Republic of the Imagination, an intercultural network that explores the possibilities of Context Oriented Theatre.

Iwan won a Creative Wales Award in 2006 for his work with Sensory Labyrinth Community Theatre, a new methodology which he is developing, inspired by the work of Theatre Anthropologist Enrique Vargas. This is after creating over 20 Labyrinth performances with Cynefin. All of which have had a profound impact on audiences and communities in Wales, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Hungary and Italy.

The Art of Looking at Ourselves is a three-day participative arts process that leads to the creation of a site-specific installation performance. In doing so we explore together the possibility of theatre as a source of awakening and liberation.

During the workshop, participants enjoy a range of art and image making, movement and mindfulness activities through which they develop their own ‘sensory portal’, a site-specific installation. The weekend culminates in a performance, where participants invite friends and family to experience journeying through the sensory portals they have co-created.

The workshop and performance offers an opportunity to step out of time and enter a ‘being’ instead of a ‘doing’ mode. What we find is that people who engage in our work report greater confidence, clarity, joy, peace and aspiration. But even more than this is a feeling of having touched something deep inside of themselves, something sustaining which was always there but hidden by the day to day stresses and busyness of modern life.

Reacquainting with this inner strength creates a strong and sometimes unspoken bond between people. The opportunity to give this profound experience to others through the performance allows for a deep sense of connection and a feeling of boundless capacity to grow.

More about Iwan Brioc:

What to expect

The course is an introduction to Context Oriented Arts (CoArts).

CoArts invites participants to take the risk of falling awake to the miracle of being alive.

You will

#Reconnect with the senses, awaken a feeling of ‘aliveness’ through art and image making, movement and mindfulness

#Experience a range of supportively facilitated activities through which we explore our relationship to self, other and the world around us

#Support each other in growth and connection

Who it’s for

The Art of Looking at Ourselves offers personal and professional development for:

spiritual seekers, therapists, performers, theatre-makers, dancers, artists, activists, community organisers, social leaders, educators, third sector professionals, innovators, change-makers, yoga teachers, health & well-being, professionals.


280RON (60€)

Casa de cultura “Mihai Ursachi” Iasi

5th of October 2018 10am – 7h of October 2018 10pm

The performance will start at 18.30pm. Tell your family and friends about it!

In order to book a place, please contact:

Emilia Beyschlag: 07432 44833, 0786 904 006

These three days are an introduction to CoArts.

Participants can train further:

Connecting Matter Energy and Meaning
is a 14 day training in the practice of Sensory Labyrinth Theatre

When Inner and Outer Become One
is a 6 month project to pilot a parallel infrastructure
based on the principles of Reciprocal Wellbeing.

More about that on: